Breakfast with Laura Braslow: Street Aesthetics and Neighborhood Change

If the Bushwick art scene has blown up in the past few years, it's thanks in part to the grassroots-structured Arts in Bushwick and the events it has created, Bushwick Open Studios being one. Laura Braslow is a founding member of Arts In Bushwick and the Bushwick Department of Public Works, and is a member of Brooklyn Community Board 4. As a public policy researcher and a doctoral student in Sociology at CUNY, Laura is deeply invested in questions of community and what creates and sustains it. Luckily for us, She is also an accomplished chef, as anyone who has attended "Umami", the gala BDPW neighborhood dinners can attest. Work Only stopped by for a gourmet breakfast at BDPW headquarters to talk about one of her recent interests, street aesthetics and how they play out in changing neighborhoods..